[DP] DDF's Design - Updated

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[DP] DDF's Design - Updated

Post  DyingDanceFloor on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:53 pm

Welcome! Welcome!

I've had about a year or two's worth of experience with GIMP. I do take requests for graphics when I want to.

Cat Banner
Cat Girl Banner v2
Guitar Banner
IDK What to Call This ._.
Cherry Blossom Banner
Haruhi Banner I don't like this one that much..
Angel Dude? Banner
Konota Izumi Banner
Witch? Banner
Angel Banner I got rid of her wings. I love this one.
AA Banner [[Different Site]]
Banner For Friend Same site as my AA peices.
Shy Girl Banner
Jolteon Banner For another friend on the same site.
Best Friend Banner
Shana Banner
AA Banner
The Banner Above With Splatters
Friend Banner
AA Beach Banner
The "I Got Bored" AA Banner
Mistcloud's Banner

Paramore Riot My Wallpaper. <3

I did the site header. It's temporary.

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