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You Confused?

Post  DyingDanceFloor on Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:22 pm

Alright, so the way I have the site set up might be confusing to most, mainly the roleplay section. Even Mist got confused with that section, so here's a list and information about each forum and sub-forum.

Home Page-
This is where you can see all the forums and sub-forums thats in the forum. You can't create a new forum or sub-forum here so just try to get to a forum by clicking on the one you want.

Site Guidelines-
The site guidelines [[This is where you are now]] is to help you with the site and tell you tell rules. Announcements will be placed here about anything going on here. Like if theres a new rule, a contest, staff positions avalible, or something else important that you need to know.

General Discussions-
This is where you can chat with other members freely about anything without having to have a certain topic applied to it. There's a picture post, Videos, or just about anything there thats not related to what already has categories.

Role Plays
This is the main forums for role playing. Here you will find the actual roleplays. There are two sub-forums here: Vacation&Leaving and Profiles. In the Vacation and leaving sub-forum, You can post weither your leaving the roleplay all together or just won't be able to post for a while. Some roleplays might have a thread set up for you already. In profiles sub-forum, You post that your character is entering a certain roleplay. Please do not start in on the roleplay unless the creator of it approves of your character.

Writers Corner-
This is where you post your stories, poems, or anything else that requires your brain and keyboard/pencil to work together. Poems, original stories, and fanfics are what are in the featured writers. Be creavtive, you could start your own newss paper or interveiews, or something, but if you do these- please contact Mist or me.

Artistic Design-
This is where sketchers and graphics artist gather around and show of their work. There is one sub-forum for this: Requests&Battles. The requests and battles forum is where you ask for a graphic or sketch, battles is where the artists battle against each other for fun. Team up, go alone, whatver- just have fun with it!


I will add more if another forum is placed up, or if I need go into more detail. I hope this helped.

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